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Zaplet inc rightnow

The data communications device compares the set of resource preference properties to a database of resource definitions to select a resource, the resource being most closely identified with the set of resource preference properties. The result is to provide a resource response from the selected resource.

Another such example of server traffic management is the concept of a server redirecting client requests to a secondary server that may Zaplet inc rightnow more convenient for providing the requested content. The secondary server, in that case, may contain a copy of the originally-requested content with which the secondary server may fulfill the client request.

For example, in some cases, when the volume of requests is too great to be served by one server, multiple servers may contain duplicate copies of content used to fulfill content requests. Another device is responsible for either intercepting or receiving a content request, then deciding, based on an algorithm of some sort, which of the multiple servers containing the content should be tapped to fulfill the content request.

The device then forwards a request to the chosen server to provide the requested content. In that situation, the device is reducing the workload of one server by causing client requests to be fulfilled from the other duplicate server.

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In some situations, the device balances workload between many duplicate servers. In different circumstances, forwarding devices may forward client requests to different servers using any of a variety of mechanisms.

One such mechanism used is for the device to read a uniform resource locator URL and use all or part of the URL to make a determination where the client request should be served from.

The device may use tables or other information, as well, in making that determination. HyperText Markup Language HTML is a document Zaplet inc rightnow language that has been an important tool in the development of the Internet by providing a simple, though elegant way of formatting data so that it can be viewed on virtually any computer.

In XML, data are stored in the form of elements, each delimited by tags. The tags identify the elements of data and separate individual elements from each other. XML also provides a feature, called a namespace, which provides a mechanism to distinguish between elements with the same name that are derived from different sources.

Accordingly, a namespace name is designated to identify a particular set of elements. In that way it is possible to distinguish between elements from different namespaces that may have a different meaning even though they have the same element name.

In particular, it is difficult to achieve network location independence for client-requested objects e. For example, in a device for forwarding a client request to one of multiple load-balanced servers, the conventional technique employed is for each of the load-balanced servers to be a duplicate of the other servers.

However, in the case of a client request that requires obtaining data and engaging a service provided by one of the duplicate servers, it may not be efficient to store both the data and the facility to provide the service on all of the duplicate servers. If, for example, the service that processes the data requires extensive processing resources, it may be wasteful to consume the storage necessary to store the data along with the software, etc.

In another example, if the data being used changes very frequently, it may be burdensome to maintain the data on each of the duplicate servers. It is also difficult to obtain customized objects using conventional techniques.

For example, as described above, it may be impractical to entirely duplicate the data on each server, in the case of data which changes frequently. One conventional alternative is to create local partitions of such data on each server. However, it is a technically challenging task to create and maintain the complicated content rules used to carve out the web site into such local partitions, in this example, partitions of data.

This situation also limits the ability of clients to customize requests for objects from different server locations without advance identification and preparation on the servers where such objects are stored.

The term resiliency is a reference to how well a provider of an object e. In effect, there is little resiliency to requests for certain improperly typed web page addresses. Servers have limited ability to respond to requests that do not precisely name a sought-after object, service, etc. As a result, if such a sought-after object or service is not precisely identified, the likelihood of an effective response is small.

In addition, by virtue of the growing number of Internet-related objects, services, etc. Accordingly, such a client request contains one or more resource preference properties of the sought-after resource response.

Upon receipt of the request, a data communications device, such as a content services switch, parses the request to obtain a set of resource preference properties. In turn, the data communications device matches individual resource preference properties to resource definitions maintained on the data communications device database.

By matching the resource preference properties and resource definitions, the data communications device can identify the resource e. Different types of matching of the resource preference properties and resources may be employed such as closest, superset and exact matches, etc.

In addition, other information may be employed in the matching process. For example, different types of transmission protocol information, cookie information, etc.

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XML namespaces may also be used to validate resource preference properties. In one embodiment of the invention, a resource description framework, may be employed, in conjunction with the primary namespace.

Zaplet inc rightnow

In one example, a resource description framework may point to another resource description framework in a more specific namespace. This allows support for a hierarchy of namespaces from generic to concrete through multiple indirection.According to a new report from Forrester Research, Inc., Sizing US Government, federal, state, and local governments will collect 15 percent of fees and taxes online by , a total of $ billion.

Most government services and regulatory requirements involve the filing of an application or report by businesses and constituents.

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Zaplet inc rightnow

FUNDAMENTALS OF ENTREPRENEURIAL MANAGEMENT COURSE OUTLINE 1. Introduction Contrast the implementation at Zaplet, Inc. and RightNow Technologies. What are the main differences?


Which one do you prefer and why/when? Reading: “What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?” By S. Sarasvathy, Nov 13,  · As of March 31, , Zaplet, Inc. was acquired by MetricStream, Inc.

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Zaplet is the designer of its Zaplet technology product. The Zaplet is a Location: Bridge Parkway Redwood Shores, CA United States. SHELLYE ARCHAMBEAU is Chief Executive Officer of Zaplet, Inc. She brings to Zaplet a proven management track record and over 18 years of experience driving sales growth in .

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