We need harsh punishments for cyberbullying essay

Cyber-bullying may be in the form of what started as teasing and escalated into relentless tormenting, circulating private information or pictures, or even stalking and sexual harassment. With the technological revolution that has been occurring nowadays, it has become more common for bullying to take place in the vast world of the Internet. It jumps from social media site to social media site.

We need harsh punishments for cyberbullying essay

Submit Hi, it's very bad It will not change them all and it could abuse them.

We need harsh punishments for cyberbullying essay

I think that there should not be any harsher punishments. Some bullies can be very stubborn and they might get worse. What will the punishments be?

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I don't think it would work. If the person was kicked and the bully was kicked back, they might just be abused and in return, might get into rage or just carry on with their stupid habits.

Or, if you tease them back, it might not even affect them, or if it did, they would still carry on with their bad habits or get into rage. And if the person bullied broke an arm caused by the bully, the bully's arm shouldn't be broken too.

There might even be a fight between the 2 families or there could be 2 big complaints from both families. That would be A LOT of pressure. Making them write lines? Well, it wouldn't hurt them physically or mentally or emotionally, but what if they won't change?

You can't control other people's actions, but you can control your own and how much others' actions affect you. Maybe the bully should have a talk with the teachers or principals.

Or talk to an expert on convincing a bully to stop bullying.Essay on We Need Harsh Punishments for Cyberbullying - The playground bully is a classic figure in the life of children. Shoving, pushing, pinching, name-calling, and dirt .

We need rules that will frighten the attacker from ever bullying again. We need to enforce these rules so children and teens feel safe.

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People need to recognize that bullying can even come from. Bicyclists, Motorists, and Safety. The Freakonimics NYT blog has a short item on bicycling accidents and who causes them - the cyclists or motorists. When it comes to sharing the road with cars, many people seem to assume that such accidents are usually the cyclist’s fault — a result of reckless or aggressive riding.

Cyberbullying and E-Safety: What Educators and other Professionals Need to Know Words Jun 15th, 8 Pages Cyberbullying has become an increasingly common trend but individual interpretation has made understanding its definition sometimes confusing and unclear.

By Harsh Punishments, you must be saying about the Bullies who are really Evil, and only wants to harm others. In a Democratic World, only Harsh Punishments are not an option to make justice. The issue of being 'Bullied' happens right from the kindergarten, to the level of .

Persuasive Essay Rough Draft. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, “about half of young people have experienced some form of cyber-bullying, and ten to twenty percent experience it regularly” (Cyber Bullying Statistics).

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