The real world of mtv

Associated Press Facebook's big push into original video content is only getting stronger. Less than two months after the worldwide launch of its Watch streaming servicewhich is also trying to lure in independent creators, the company is making some major show announcements. For starters, Facebook is now teaming up with MTV on a "reimagined" version of the popular reality series The Real World, which will have an interactive, social component that'll let viewers vote one housemate onto the show before it airs.

The real world of mtv

A whole bunch of '90s kids grew up thinking some day they, too, could get famous just by hanging around and being themselves. Fast-forward about a quarter century, and we now live in a world in which every kid who doesn't have a popular Twitch channel by age five is tossed off a cliff, style.

Meanwhile, the Real World is still going. We talked to "Pat," a member of the Real World: Cancun cast, to find out what really happens when people stop being polite, and start being completely aware that they're on television.

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And then prepare yourself for some rigorous psychological testing. It turns out that making sure all of the ingredients for a successful reality show are in place to achieve the exact right amount of shirtless yelling usually doesn't require scripted fakery -- it's just a matter of being very, very careful about who they cast.

People clearly knew what the producers were looking for -- "Everyone was like 'Crazy! I'm wild, you never know what I'm going to do! Pat finally exploded in eye-rolling frustration at one timid girl who described herself as "Um, aggressive, I guess?

If you were aggressive, you would be aggressive. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement He thinks that caught the eye of the producers, who undoubtedly witnessed this slightly unnecessary confrontation and saw dollar signs.

The chosen few proceeded to the next stage, where a battery of tests gave the impression they'd be trusting the cast with state secrets. They wanted to know, 'What's your relationship like with your mother, your stepmother, what was middle school like.

The real world of mtv

This is all to make sure they're getting a cast with just the right amount of personality disorder. The psychologist is there "to make sure you won't be violent," he says.

You need people who are open, enigmatic, and unpredictable. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Just not unpredictable enough to start spontaneously raining fists down upon another cast member, although Pat points out that if someone does, "that's always what they show in the trailer.

If at all possible, have a copy of Leviticus fall out of his suitcase! It may not be scripted, but it's tightly controlled, to the point that the first day feels like checking in to prison. When Pat arrived in Cancun, "they took me to a separate hotel," and then, "they went through all of my stuff," mostly to ensure he wasn't packing any contraband sponsorship.

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In other aspects, the search was a little more lax. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Pat's "arrival" at the airport actually took place the next day they had him go stand off in the corner and then walk out into the view of the camera, as if he'd just stepped off the plane.

That's the sort of fill-in-the-gaps shots producers do have the housemates stage from time to time other "dramatically reenacted" events recalled by cast members include having everyone pretend to shut off the lights and go to bed just so they can get it on tape.

They've also been known to hire actors as background characters to help push the plot along.When MTV decided to throw a bunch of Gen-Xers into a New York City loft and film the results -- calling it the Real World-- they basically invented reality TV as we know it today.

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A whole bunch of '90s kids grew up thinking some day they, too, could get famous just by hanging around and being themselves. MTV’s long-running reality show “The Real World” is going digital and international.

The network announced Wednesday that its production studio will work with Facebook Watch to create new. Actually, make that three all-new editions: Facebook Watch will simultaneously run original productions of “MTV’s The Real World” set in the United States, Mexico, and Thailand.

Seven strangers move into an upscale loft in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. But halfway through the season, their rivals -- including exes, frenemies and estranged family members -- join them.

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The Real World is heading to Facebook after MTV and Bunim-Murray Productions struck a deal with the social media giant. The show will launch on Facebook Watch as part of a landmark deal with MTV.

42 rows · The following charts list the seasons and cast members of MTV's long-running reality .

Facebook and MTV are revamping 'The Real World'