The importance of sugar in human history in the book bittersweet the story of sugar by peter macinni

This led him to explore sugar cane's journey from New Guinea to Shakespeare's England. In the days before dentistry, people paid dearly for this sweet new food from exotic places.

The importance of sugar in human history in the book bittersweet the story of sugar by peter macinni

Reviews of books by Peter Macinnis This is a page that tends to be forgotten as I post the reviews directly to the pages relating to the book in question. Still, I'm trying to get a few nice ones together.

August, Kid's Lit reviews by Jill Rowbotham. The other one, from the Sydney Sun-Herald, I saw on the day it came out.

Bittersweet by Peter Macinnis (ebook)

It was a rainy day, but I didn't care! The Sydney-based writer has produced this terrific original treatment of the early explorers, tightly written with inviting layouts and excellent illustrations. He asserts early, and it is most welcome, that for all the adventurers we easily remember, such as the Sturts and the Oxleys, there are a host of unsung team members who helped them perform the amazing feats of exploration and survival.

This is a great message to send to a generation utterly imbued with celebrity culture.

The importance of sugar in human history in the book bittersweet the story of sugar by peter macinni

Magpies, NovemberJo Goodman excerpts In this exemplary production from the National Library, Peter Macinnis gives readers a different and fascinating insight into explorers and exploration.

He draws heavily on the library's resources, both for the explorers' own reports and diaries, and for the enormous number of sketches, paintings and photographs that enliven every page all scrupulously acknowledged. In addition, there are activities related to the topics. This is an attractive and engrossing book, and provides a wonderful supplement to more conventional accounts of the achievements of Australian explorers.

It is full of riveting facts: Congratulations are due to the author designer and publisher of this marvellous book; it not only provides intriguing information about exploration, it makes accessible some of the incredible historical riches held in the National Library.

In its place, Macinnis writes engaging stories of explorers including modern-day adventurers and their oft-forgotten teams who strapped on their shoes, slapped on their hats and headed out on horse, foot, plane, boke or camel to explore the outback.

History is brought to life and the reader feels as though they too were on the expeditions. This is an ideal gift book for any budding explorer. Reviews of Kokoda Track: The Japanese aim was to take Port Moresby and use it to neutralise Australia's value as a base for the Americans.

They fought a strategic retreat, slowing the Japanese down until reinforcements could be brought back from North Africa and the Japanese pushed back. The maps and illustrations are excellent. There are "Imagine" sections that are true to the spirit, if not always the letter, of the enterprise: Any adult who wants a short introduction to Kokoda could do a lot worse than read this book.

Among the inhabitants encountered are a green tree-snake, a brush turkey guarding its nest, possums, a quoll and a clutch of tadpoles swimming high above the ground in a pool of water caught in the hollow of a tree.

A surprisingly large amount of information is conveyed in the text in an almost incidental and quite undidactic way.Description - Bittersweet by Peter Macinnis Forty years after first chewing on sugar cane in New Guinea, the home of sugar, the author underwent some complex dental work as a direct result of his sweet .

The bittersweet story of sugar Why sugar is Print edition | Books and artsDec 15th The Case Against Sugar. calls “a long and sordid history of dietary professionals in the U.S.


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Peter Macinnis's Bittersweet - a book that was inspired by a trip to the dentist - is an entertaining look at how the not-so-humble sugar bush has sweetened, soured and, generally, shaped world history since it was first found growing naturally in New Guinea forests years ago.

Bittersweet: The Story of Sugar [Peter Macinnis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This social and historical exploration traces the history of sugarcane from its home in New Guinea to Shakespeare’s by: 7.

Start by marking “Bittersweet: The Story of Sugar” as Want to Read: This book was humorous in parts and serious in other parts, which I enjoyed. Considering the sordid history of sugar, I'm almost inclined to renounce my sweet tooth! I still feel like I'd like to know more. Books by Peter Macinnis/5.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bittersweet: The story of sugar at Read honest and but not always.

Peter Macinnis's little book -- hardly more than an extended essay, really -- avoids this error, with wit and flair. This is a great introduction to the story of one of the most important cash crops in.

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