Talumpati nagbibigay puri

Nakalulungkot na marami sa atin ang hindi gusto o ikinahihiya ang kanilang pagiging Pilipino, at nais na mangibang-bansa na lamang at huwag nang balikan pa ang kahirapan ng buhay sa sinilangang bayan.

Talumpati nagbibigay puri

It manifest the distinctive character of PAKSA as a progressive and patriotic organization of writers, critics, teachers and students of literature, truly determined to serve the people.

To Serve the People is the Single Most Important Task The single most important task of cadres in the cultural field is to serve the people. As the great Lu Hsun put it in a couplet: Fierce-browed, I cooly defy a thousand pointing fingers, Head-bowed, like a willing ox I serve the children.

To serve the people now is to perform a definite Talumpati nagbibigay puri on the revolutionary struggle for national democracy against U. The cultural revolution is a distinct yet integral part of the revolutionary mass movement.

Without the preparation of public opinion, there can be no revolution. In the course of the national democratic revolution, cultural work is always necessary to heighten the fighting spirit of the Talumpati nagbibigay puri masses. It prepares the ground ideologically before the revolution comes and is an important, indeed essential, fighting front in the general revolutionary front during the revolution.

The audience for revolutionary literary and art work is incalculable. A stage performance or an exhibit can be repeated so many times that it is extremely difficult to keep count of the audience. The printing capacity of a press may be limited but a good literary work nevertheless gets passed from hand to hand and discussed without end.

If our cultural work truly serves the people, our readers and audience are inevitably aroused and become a tremendous force for the revolution. The theme of this congress thereby becomes a material force in the same manner that a battlecry does in the field of combat.

Talumpating nagbibigay-galang = Matatawag din itong talumpati ng Pagbati, pagtugon o attheheels.com ay ginagamit sa pagbibigay-galang bilang pagsalubong sa isang panauhin,pagtanggap sa isang bagong kasapi ng samahan o kasamahang mawawalay. attheheels.comating nagpaparangal = Ito ay inihahanda upang bigyang parangal ang isang . It is an electronic device used to calculate, interpret and store information. It is also a system of many parts working together. He was a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Merit in Adrian Sison, my nephew, wrote you his comment on Dec. 20, Like him, I am interested to know why Lolo Pepe and his family were given the Presidential Medal of Merit under the Quirino Administration.

We must always remember that the people will not be aroused and mobilized unless the literary and artistic work is drawn from their lives, particularly from their needs and aspirations. We bring to a higher plane the actions and thinking of the revolutionary masses so as to inspire them further to destroy and triumph over the enemy.

The heroes that emerge from our work should be the people themselves and their superlative representatives who are tempered in the crucible of the revolution. The revolutionary struggle should be the essence of the organic unity of a literary or artistic work.

Inasmuch as culture is the reflection of economics and politics, literature and art are the finest and most sensitive ideological forms for summing up social reality. We can create revolutionary literature and art only by carefully and meticulously keeping to the revolutionary stand, viewpoint and method of that class which leads the broad masses of the people in the life-and-death struggle between progress and reaction.

It is a bounden duty for revolutionary men of culture to be partisan to the leading revolutionary class, the proletariat, and to oppose the reactionary classes, the big bourgeoisie and the landlord class.

Proletarian literature and art are part of the whole proletarian revolutionary cause; they are, as Lenin said, cogs and wheels in the whole revolutionary machine.

Talumpati nagbibigay puri

It is inevitable that practically all our cadres in the cultural field have at one time or another been deeply influenced by bourgeois and feudal culture and they continue to be so influenced in varying degrees. The dominant frame of mind among those educated in the present cultural system is bourgeois.

In the era of imperialism, particularly in this era when imperialism is heading for total collapse and socialism is marching toward world victory, the bourgeois mind becomes so fantastic, regressive and desperate that it resorts to feudal mysticism in order to reinforce the most decadent influence of imperial culture and art.

As the revolutionary mass movement becomes stronger and stronger the reactionaries also deliberately allow the spread of social-democratic or revisionist literature in an attempt to infect our cadres with fears of revolutionary wars and nuclear weapons and with the philosophy of survival and capitulation.

Talumpati nagbibigay puri

It is the task of our cadres in the cultural field to keep on remoulding their class outlook. They must firmly combat all erroneous ideas and their own selfish tendencies with the lucid ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism, and integrate themselves with the masses in the practical revolutionary movement.

Only in this way can we have a literature and art that are truly for the workers, peasants and soldiers, a truly proletarian literature and art.

Find out how past and contemporary literary and art works stand in the light of the world achievements of proletarian literature and art. It is an important task to be in the midst of the revolutionary mass movement.

In the course of participating in the revolutionary struggles of the workers and peasants, our cadres in the cultural field will gain knowledge that they can never gain from textbooks alone.

To conduct social investigation in the course of practical struggles is to gather the best material for a truly significant literature and art. One cannot write of the workers, peasants and soldiers without knowing them intimately.

Among the cultural workers, there is always enough practical and concrete basis for study and for criticism and self-criticism. The literary and artistic work that are created by them are subject to analysis and criticism.

These are always subject to improvement. While the most advanced should be good at uniting with the less advanced cultural workers, who are willing to unite with us on the general line of the national democratic revolution, it should always be the task of the former to persuade the latter to further remould their outlook.Talumpating nagpaparangal – ito ay ginagamit tuwing nagbibigay ng parangal o puri sa isang tao.

Talumpating pampasigla – kadalasang ginagamit ito upang pukawin ang damdamin ng isang tao o grupo tulad ng isang lider sa kanyang mga miyembro.

PHILIPPINES CULTURAL STUDIES CENTER Sonny San Juan [email protected] Blogger 30 1 25 tag:attheheels.com,blogpost T T The Commission on Elections (Comelec) said on Wednesday that the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) polls set for October 25, , will be back to manual attheheels.com the October 25 elections, we will use the traditional ballots where the voters manually write the names of the candidates they want to vote for as in previous elections, Comelec Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal.

Sa totoo lang, hanggang ngayon ay hindi ako masanay sa ganitong klaseng mga talumpati. Kung puwede nga lang, magbabasa na lang ako ng tula ngayon, o kaya’y kakanta na lang ng mga napagtitripan kong salinawit.

Ka Popoy: Working Class Hero: January

Nakasentro ang kanyang pamamaraan sa talumpati na kakikitaan ng limang mahahalagang elemento: ang proem o introduksyon; ang salaysay o kasaysayang historikal; ang mga pangunahing argumento; mga karagdagang pahayag o kaugnay na argumento; at ang perorasyon o kongklusyon.

pang-uyam (irony) ginagamitan ng pananalitang nangungutya sa pamamagitan ng mga salita kung kukuning literal ang kahulugan ay tila kapuri-puri. halimbawa:kay bait mong anak.

pagkatapos kitang tulungan sa iyong mga kagipitan ay nagawan mo pa akong pagsinungalingan.

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