Taken film analysis

This is evident as he retires to get close to her daughter in California and takes his time to shop a birthday present for her.

Taken film analysis

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. He is at an electronics store and is carefully choosing a karaoke device for his beloved year-old daughter Kim's Maggie Grace birthday. As Bryan arrives at a luxury mansion, Kim's mother Lenore Famke Janssen is very cold toward him, criticizing his choice of a gift and Taken film analysis he has even showed in the first place.

Taken film analysis

The daughter is extremely pleased with her gift; however, she is soon distracted by her wealthy stepfather Stuart's Xander Berkeley gift of a large horse. Later, Bryan is alone in his small modest apartment.

Three friends, all also retired agents, drop by for poker, steaks and beer. One of them, Sam Leland Orser invites Bryan to Taken film analysis some quick cash working security with them by escorting a female pop star to her nearby concert.

After her vocal warm-up Bryan asks the pop star, Sheerah Holly Valance for advice to give his daughter who also wishes to be a singer.

Sheerah answers, "Tell her to pick another career. At the concert, things get anxious for a moment when security is distracted by a mob of fans breaking through. Bryan escorts Sheerah away from the crowd, but is confronted with a knife-wielding assailant that Bryan quickly takes down.

As a "Thank You," Sheerah offers to help Bryan's daughter with a vocal coach and a manager if she has any natural talent. Bryan is very excited and plans to let Kim know about Sheerah's offer; however, Lenore comes to the lunch also and it becomes clear he was invited only to sign the parental-consent form Kim needs to take a vacation to Paris with her friend Amanda Katie Cassidy.

Bryan is reluctant to agree, knowing the dangers of the wrong parts of Paris and feeling Kim is too young, but Kim explains she'll be staying with Amanda's cousin's and spend most of her time in museums.

Bryan says he will consider the matter, but Kim takes it as a "no" and becomes very upset. Lenore tears into Bryan for being too cautious. She wants their daughter to experience life. The next day, Bryan shows up at Stuart's mansion with the signed consent, a pre-paid international cell phone, and some conditions: At the airport, as Bryan is retrieving Kim's luggage from the car, he sees a map of Europe with several cities circled in a pocket of Kim's luggage.

He confronts Lenore who admits that the girls are actually going to follow the rock band U2 on their European tour, not just stay in Paris. Bryan is angry, but it is too late to do anything about it.

In Paris, while standing in the line for a taxi at the airport, the two girls meet a friendly, handsome young Parisian named Peter Nicolas Giraud.

Taken film analysis

He suggests they all share a taxi for the expensive ride downtown. Amanda immediately accepts and Kim reluctantly agrees. While they wait, they have Peter take their picture with Kim's phone. Appearing chivalrous, Peter has the taxi drop the girls off first.

He invites them to a party that very night and Amanda eagerly accepts. As the taxi pulls away, Peter makes a quick phone call-he simply says "Two girls, about 18" and the address of the apartment. Upstairs, Kim inquires where the cousins are at.

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Amanda breezily announces the cousins are on vacation in Spain and giggly announces as she jumps on the couch that she plans to have sex with Peter later on. Back in the US, a concerned Bryan checks the arrival information and learns that Kim's plane has landed. Bryan attempts to call Kim's phone; however, Amanda has cranked the music in the apartment to such a volume that neither girl hears Kim's phone ring.

Finally, Bryan gets hold of Kim. Kim walks around to the other side of the loft shaped like a square with a courtyard in between to hear her father better. While they talk, Kim can see Amanda through the windows across the courtyard. As she talks to her dad, she suddenly spots two men grab Amanda and carry her away from view while Amanda kicks and fights.

Panicked, Kim tells Bryan what she just saw. Bryan immediately takes control and orders her to go into the nearest bedroom and hide under the bed.

Guiding her with a careful series of questions, he learns that Kim and Amanda shared a cab with a man named Peter.

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Kim thinks she saw three or four man take Amanda. They are going to take you. Bryan hooks up a tape recorder to his phone. Two men enter the bedroom and are puzzled they haven't found the second girl.

They converse in a strange foreign language. Bryan tells Kim to hold the phone towards the men so he can hear their conversation.The film I have chosen to be the subject of analysis is Taken which was written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, directed by Pierre Morel and released in It is a thriller Movie with the sub genres action, crime and drama.

Transcript of Taken Film Analysis. Taken. Dir. Pierre Morrel. Film. 27 Oct Citations First angle shown is a low angle which views looking up and can create a feeling of helplessness or intimidation.

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Next is a high angle which is looking down and gives a more superior feeling. Movie Analysis The Blind Side John Lee Hancock Submitted by: Redeem B. Tamayor BABA-1 A Summary The Blind Side was a American semi-biographical drama film written and directed by John Lee Hancock, and based on the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis.

Film Analysis The Movie Taken essay writing service, custom Film Analysis The Movie Taken papers, term papers, free Film Analysis The . Monday 16th September Ben Thompson Media Studies – Film Clip Analysis Film: Taken Genre:Action, Thriller A medium close-up is used to show the main protag.

Jan 28,  · "Taken" shows Mills as a one-man rescue squad, a master of every skill, a laser-eyed, sharpshooting, pursuit-driving, pocket-picking, impersonating, knife-fighting, torturing, karate-fighting killing machine who can cleverly turn over a petrol tank with one /5.

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