Social studies essay on venice

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Social studies essay on venice

L the given factor Social factors caused Venice to grow as a trading and arts centre Point This is because many foreigners were attracted to settle in Venice to make a living as traders, artisans, craftsmen and scholars.

The people also became loyal citizens who were willing to make personal sacrifices in the form of money, effort and lives to protect Venice. Elaboration Thus, the motivated and hardworking people ensured the survival and growth of Venice as a city-state as they dared to venture into the unknown and contributed many maritime innovations to boost trade.

Which of them do you think is the most important? L the first factor. Point Political factors ensured that Venice had a very strong government. Election was based on nomination, balloting and voting to ensure that there was neither nepotism nor incompetent leaders.

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Talented people were elected to serve in the government. Practical polices were implemented to respond to the demands of a changing environment.

Social studies essay on venice

The Venetian government also accommodated the stronger powers to obtain trading privileges and asserted its power against the weaker ones. Elaboration Therefore, political factors help Venice to rise to power, as it ensures that quality people are voted in to run the government so that policies can be implemented which help Venice to grow as a trading center.

Explanation and link P. Point Venice used its navy to destroy trade competitors to control the sea routes and thus enjoy trade monopoly, especially in salt. Venetians also travelled overland in search of business, fortune and adventure.

Banking and financial services were offered to other traders. Such economic foresight led to the further rise of Venice. Elaboration Therefore, economic factors help Venice to rise to power as it ensures that Venice remain the dominant power in the trading arena.

Through trade, Venice become very rich and so was able to conquer other cities states and region. Make a stand Because a stable political climate was essential if trade were to prosper. The strong and stable government attracted traders to Venice.

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Capable leaders who were farsighted were able to make the right decisions such that diplomatic relations were established so that more trade opportunities were created for economic growth. Reason for your choice.Free essays, research papers, term papers, and other writings on literature, science, history, politics, and more.

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Aug 12,  · Re: O Level: Social Studies Venice's Notes: Need help! Tweet HAHAH.I think it's kinda useful for my notes to be sweet and short cuz the most important is the link, don't needa explain and elaborate so much.

Social Studies - Skills, Knowledge and Beyond Pages. Home; Chpt 2 Notes Sec 4 Globalisation. Driving Forces of Globalisation - Chapter 2.

Social studies essay on venice

Explanation. See if you can remember the points and then recreate an essay to answer a question on this topic. Key Question. Bonding Singapore Social Studies Notes. Combined Humanities: History Examination Package (Russia, Germany, Stalin, Hitler, Policy of Appeasement) SS Notes Rise of Venice.

Mole Concept. Geog LORMS Food Problematic GR. SS- Rise of Venice Trade Developments Sub-triangles. SS Notes - Conflict between countries.5/5(2). labels: upper secondary social studies resource essay booklets Thursday, April 23, Factors Contributing to the Rise of venice Chapter 3 Sec 4 textbook and REASONS FOR THE decline of venice.

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