Qantas market analysis

Introduction Qantas is one of the largest airlines company founded inAustralia. Qantas is known for the standard air fares and isknown for its domestics and international airlines. Company is been revenue of more than

Qantas market analysis

In performing the development of strategies, the strategic managers are required to consider various internal as well as external environment factors because these factors have a direct impact on Qantas market analysis performance of the organisation.

A critical strategic analysis of Qantas Airline’s external and internal environment is performed in this report with a view to analyse the impact of such environment on the performance of the airline. SWOT analysis of Qantas Airways is covered on this page along with its segmentation, targeting & positioning (STP). Analysis of Qantas Airways also covers its USP, tagline / slogan and competitors. Jan 24,  · Browse Qantas news, research and analysis from The Conversation.

In this strategic management assignment, the organisation selected in performing its strategic analysis is Qantas Airline. The airline is known as the flag line carrier of Australia and has been known as the most premium airline providing air travel services internationally.

The major areas that will be covered within the analysis of Qantas Airline would be its external and internal environment and the ways in which they impact the operational performance of the airline.

The analysis will mainly based on important strategic tools such as PEST analysis, strategic review of existing business practices of Qantas through resource based view analytical tools, value chain analysis etc. Finally, the challenges faced in implementing these strategic tools will be analysed to conclude this strategic management task.

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External Environmental Analysis of Qantas The external environment as faced by most of the firms is highly turbulent, complex and global and to effectively deal with such difficult environmental situations, most of them engage in external environmental analysis Hoskisson, Hitt and Ireland, However, an effective understanding of external environment can become possible through undertaking PEST analysis which stands for political, economical, social and technological factors.

The external environmental factors have direct bearing on the performance of the firm and the strategies and tactics as adopted by them are highly influenced by the external environmental conditions Henry, In respect to Qantas Airline, an evaluation of the relevant external environmental factors affecting its strategic choices and performance through PEST analysis is performed as follows: Political factors are the most crucial factors in terms of affect the Qantas market analysis of an industry.

The political factor implies the interventions created by government in the form of policies and procedures mandated for a particular industry.

In respect to airline industry, the role of political factor is significant as the government performed intervention through deregulating the industry.

The deregulation of the airline industry during s has resulted into higher level of competition among the existing players which in turn has affected the performance of airlines across the world. The political factors have significantly affected the performance of Qantas airline also, as the political unrest in Bangkok in has adversely affected the international yields of Qantas.

An assessment of the annual report of Qantas further revealed that new political and regulatory factors have direct bearings on the performance of the company.

The political instability within the Middle East regions has also adversely affected the performance of entire airline industry.

Marketing: A case Study on Qantas Airline

In order to cope up with the regulatory changes as imposed by the government, Qantas has included resilience and crisis management strategies into its strategic planning.

This is mainly to ensure that the company can effectively respond to the crisis situation as a result of political intervention performed by the government Qantas Annual Report, The economic factors also have a direct relevance on the performance of a company within the industry.

Qantas market analysis

The revenue as well as the growth possibilities of companies are directly affected by the economic performance of an economy in terms of its GDP growth rates, inflationary conditions and the unemployment and poverty rates.

The airline industry in Australia is also highly affected by the swings and roundabouts in the global and national economic systems Uwagwuna, The performance of Qantas is adversely affected by the recent global financial crisis and it not only affected the performance of Qantas, but the airline industry across the world is affected by it.

The major impact identified on the airline industry includes lower airline load factors, higher losses and because of this, there are various airlines that are no longer within business.

The financial crisis has also affected Qantas and in order to effectively cope up with such adverse financial market conditions, Qantas has performed announcement of its plans to cut down around jobs Moore, Apart from this, the financial crisis has also given rise to the fuel prices and the airlines have to increase the travelling fares to cope up with the rising fuel prices.

The rise in the fuel prices has necessitated airlines to indulge into hedging practices in order to negate the impact of rising fuel prices.

The environmental performance of an industry is also highly affected by the social factors. The societal trends mainly affects the performance of an industry and with respect to airline industry, the role of social factor is significant. The environmental performance of the airline industry is a major social concern because airlines are popularly known for leaving carbon footprint because of jet fuel consumed in performing their operations Hierling, The rising level of awareness among the people or society at large regarding the environmental performance has posed significant challenges to entire airline industry.

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This implies that strategic selection of choices by Qantas is directly affected by the external social factors, as company has to develop strategies that could reduce its carbon emissions from its operations in future.

Technology has a significant role to play in almost all kinds of industry and its role is significant in respect to airline industry as well. Technology is quite effective to the airline industry in terms of allowing the airline operators to keep the cost of their services distribution at lower level.

This is mainly because the ticket booking in case of airline is performed online and airlines are taking proactive measures in allowing the customers to directly purchase the ticket from the airline itself, rather than involving any middle man.

This is only possible for them through the application of technology. In respect to Qantas, it believes in forward thinking and this thinking is quite possible because of higher level of dependence of the airline on technology.Pestel Analysis of Qantas Home» Pestel Analysis of Qantas.

This report is aimed at performing a strategic analysis of Qantas Airline.

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The main focus areas in this report are brief description on company, PESTLE Analysis, Porter five forces analysis, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, and market segmentation and market opportunity analysis. The following paper provides an analysis and evaluation of the current market position of Qantas and the Australian Airline Industry.

By assessing the company both internally and externally, this report will assess Qantas’ strengths and weaknesses.

Jan 24,  · Browse Qantas news, research and analysis from The Conversation. Qantas is steadily losing its majority of capacity in the Australian domestic market; will add flights from Sydney Airport to Beijing Airport in China in Dominance in Australian domestic market: Qantas & Jetstar networks 65% market share Qantas owns the 20% of the market share QANTAS MARKETING MIX ANALYSIS PRODUCT Traveling arrangements Freight containers Jetstar (low-cost/budget airline) Qantas introduce the Frrequent Flyer Scheme in .

Company and market share data provide a detailed look at the financial position of Qantas Airways Ltd, while in-depth qualitative analysis will help you understand the brand strategy and growth prospects of Qantas Airways Ltd.

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