Not a chance

No Such Thing as Chance! It can be understood in terms of simple processes, and it can be expressed in a friendly mathematical language, ready for computer analysis. Probability and statistics are still valid of course--they merely tell us how things happen, but we learn nothing from statistics about the causes which lead to these events.

Not a chance

Is the Customer Always Right? How the golden rule of customer service makes employees resentful and untrusting. The Customer is Always Right. Chief among them was that this mantra, though well-intentioned, makes employees unhappy, resulting in poorer customer service for all other customers.

He repeatedly contacted one of our account managers demanding better results. The team member went to great lengths to explain, but found she was cut off at every turn.

He refused to listen. He insulted her intelligence and was sarcastic and rude. Ultimately, she was just being bullied by this customer, who refused to accept that he was wrong.

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He wanted her to admit she was wrong so he could be right. Why do we do this to our employees? Our rep was so upset at the treatment she received that she had to take a break and regroup. More harmful though is the tone it sets in your workplace. Your team has to know and trust that when the chips are down, you will go to bat for them.

Losing a customer is never a good thing, but allowing a culture of mistrust to permeate your team is far worse. Your customer satisfaction and overall revenue numbers will improve in ways you had never imagined! Aug 4, Like this column?

Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post.Here is a basic synopsis of Not A Chance. Chance is merely the probability of something happening.

Not a chance

If we flip a coin, the chances of it landing on heads is fifty percent. But chance doesn’t cause it to land on heads. Chance isn’t an entity and has no power to cause anything to happen. "Not a chance," Flake admitted, adding that he would not have deviated from the party line. "There's no value to reaching across the aisle.

There's no currency for that anymore. There's no incentive." The 'elevator incident' was the turning point that prompted him . For Bobby Petrino, not playing Alabama football in Tuscaloosa is a relief.

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Petrino must still have nightmares from his last trips to T-Town. I . Republican Sen. Jeff Flake admitted on Sunday that had he been running for re-election in Arizona, requesting the FBI to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh would have made him unelectable to the Senate.

Not A Chance was my most recent S.C. Stephens read - and again, another great storyline with multi-dimensional characters and a pretty intense plot. This book is the perfect example of creating likable characters, even when they are so faulted you most certainly shouldn't be rooting for them/5.

The latest Tweets from SL Not A Chance (@notachance_10). Greatest Fantasy League around this neck of the woods. People from other leagues will try to talk trash but they are really just jealous of .

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