History of hapee toothpaste

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History of hapee toothpaste

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Still being sold nationwide today, it has already gone a long way ever since it was first produced by a trusted Filipino company 25 years ago. The Hapee Toothpaste Story: They also show their commitment to the consumers by providing us with high quality toothpaste that has a wide selection of flavours and variants so we could choose the ones that best suit our preference: Hapee Toothpaste Variants Hapee Fresh and Cool White — This classic Hapee Toothpaste variant with mild mint flavour provides maximum fluoride protection for the whole family.

Use this product to have strong white teeth and fresh breath at a pocket-friendly value. It also contains Allantoin and Vitamin E for healthy gums.

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The red variant is now Explosive Menthol Red. It has a strong peppermint flavour and intense spice that freshens breath. Use this daily to fight tooth decay and strengthen your teeth. That is double protection teeth and gums in one tube.

Plus, the blue gel has a strong spearmint flavour that keeps breath fresh longer.


Hapee toothpaste mandarin orange blast Hapee Mandarin Orange Blast — This Hapee Toothpaste variant has a citrus flavour that is invigorating. It also contains Vitamin C to keep gums healthy with everyday use.

He developed his own brand of toothpaste, Hapee. Contending against well-known, international brands is a tough one, so Dr. Pedro realized that the only way that his toothpaste can get noticed is to sell them at a lower price, 50% less that of Colgate and Close up. Hapee toothpaste could be found in the vast majority of supermarkets of the Philippines but rarely in sari-sari stores and was generally much less available in Visayas and Mindanao what action should the company do to address the issues and turning it into. Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste Cookies and Cream Ahoy 40g.. ₱ Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste Juicy Grapes 50ml. Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste Juicy Grapes 50ml.. Order History; Wish List; Newsletter; Facebook + Trunk Line. .

What more could you ask for? It is actually a tooth gel that contains deep penetrating crystal granules to thoroughly clean in between the teeth while brushing.

Intense freshness is guaranteed with daily use. Especially made for night use, this wonder gel combines Chamomile extract, peppermint flavour and power whitener to provide you hours of protection while you sleep. Start soothing your senses and waking up to fresher mornings with Hapee Night Mint!

Hapee Toothpaste Gumtect Hapee Gumtect — Makers of Hapee Toothpaste produced their version of gum formula toothpaste to provide solution to our gum problems.

Gumtect provides protection and relief for sensitive gums by combining this formulation: Allantoin stimulates the growth of new tissuesVitamin E moisturizer; soothes and smooths damaged tissuesand Triclosan active germicide; reduces plaque and tartar build up.

This product is PDA recommended.History Of Hapee Toothpaste. Ian Melendres Popoy Yusingbo Wendell Tiu Parke Tan Rodney Roleda Johann Ong Bren Tajonera COLGATE:P I. Background a.

Dec 09,  · Hapee Is My Toothpaste Brand, percent Pinoy-owned company. He made his toothpaste, place it in the aluminum container and sold it to the public and the rest was history. Hapee is now placed in plastic containers as well and is the country’s second leading toothpaste brand.

History of hapee toothpaste

The Hapee Fresh Fighters is a basketball team owned by Lamoiyan Corporation that plays in the PBA Developmental League (PBA D-League). The franchise began in the Philippine Basketball League from until the league became dormant in Learn about the history of toothpaste and about Crest’s dental health innovations since its inception in Find out more at attheheels.com RP-Hapee Toothpaste seasons The Philippine Team-Hapee Toothpaste is one of the two teams which sponsored a national pool that played in the PBA Governors' Cup as part of the league's continued support to the Philippine men's national basketball team that will compete in the Asian Games in Busan, South attheheels.com coach: Eric Altamirano.

- Bargaining power of buyers So far, the bargaining power of buyers for Hapee toothpaste is low since it’s already sold at a lower price than the well-known brands. If the two brands lower their prices then it will then influence the bargaining power of buyers for Hapee.

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