Essay about obama health care

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Essay about obama health care

This law is also commonly known as the ACA. The ACA requires health insurance exchange plans a. Obamacare Plans to include the ten Essential Health Benefits. Insurance companies may not reject applicants based on medical status and premium costs may only vary based on age, location, smoking status, and in the case of small group plans number of people.

While the ACA guarantees individuals will be covered for a broad range of conditions and services, it also increases costs for some consumers, state governments, and the federal government.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of pros and cons of the ACA. Underlying behavioral issues contributing to healthcare expenses e. Subsidies do not address the underlying cost of healthcare and risk furthering healthcare spending and deficit increases.

All individual health insurance plans must have annual caps on out-of-pocket costs for covered services. Patients will incur greater out-of-pocket costs if they seek treatment out of their network.

Preventive care services such as screenings do not have out-of-pocket costs. Not every state is expanding Medicaid, the Medicaid expansion uses state and federal funding, and it removes healthy people from the ACA risk pool. CHIP expansion also requires federal and state funding, including increased taxes on tobacco products.

Citizens and legal residents without health insurance are guaranteed coverage. The implementation of Obamacare and the increasing number of primary care doctor visits could lead to primary care doctor shortages. Premiums may vary by at most a 3: Older adults will pay premiums that do not cover their healthcare expenses and young adults will pay premiums that cover more than their healthcare expenses many believe a 5: Group health plans that were created or individual health insurance policies that were purchased on or before March 23, grandfathered plans are exempt from many changes required under ACA.

Individuals who do not enroll in health insurance will have to pay a penalty thru Legislation highlighted public importance of acquiring health insurance coverage. The online federal individual and family health insurance marketplace experienced technical issues for months after the website was first released.

Essay about obama health care

The release of the online federal small business health insurance marketplace was delayed until November Obamacare made improvements to Medicare, including eliminating the drug plan coverage gap over time as well as giving beneficiaries a discount on brand drugs during the coverage gap in the years before it is fully eliminated and offering more preventive services for less money.

Hundreds of billions of dollars were cut from Medicare to fund the implementation of Obamacare. All Obamacare individual and small group market plans must include prescription drug coverage. Obamacare plans only cover the drugs on their formularies, and are only required to cover as many drugs in each category as their benchmark plan.

President Trump and Obamacare Since President Trump was inaugurated, many attempts have been made in an attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act with a Republican alternative. By removing the tax penalty, President Trump and Congress have successfully removed one of the key drivers that encouraged so many to enroll.

Many believe that with the tax penalty gone, healthy consumers will be less likely to participate, further exacerbating the rising premium rates.Health care reform cannot wait, it must not wait, and it will not wait another year," President Barack Obama proudly stated (New 1).

As soon as President Obama was elected into the White House, he made it a mission to get a Health Care Bill passed. OBAMA CARE Obama Care and health care reform is the same thing. The official name for " Obama Care " is the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act, a bill signed into law to reform the health care industry.

Sample Argumentative Essay on Obama Health Care Plans 8 July, Argumentative essay writing requires critical thinking, ability to do research, analyze information and turn raw data into concrete, well-founded evidence in support of one’s point of view. The surprising component to this viewpoint is that Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan while serving as the Governor of Massachusetts is strikingly similar to Obama’s Affordable Care plans, for instance, make it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate based on any pre-existing conditions (Gillepse 32).5/5(3).

Purchase a copy from the Cato Bookstore Multiple challenges to President Obama's health care reform are percolating through the federal courts. Soon the Supreme Court will be asked to weigh in on.

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Essay about obama health care

Health Care is too broad a topic, so narrow it down. Some suggestions: Health Care should be available to everyone in the US, regardless of work status or financial Resolved.

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