Economics 1001 assignment 1 solution

Equilibrium quantity Qe isa. Equilibrium is price Pea. Consumer surplus CS isa.

Economics 1001 assignment 1 solution

Smuggled out to impress girls in a bar, or dissolved to prevent the Nazis from getting their hands on one, the precious gold medals have gone missing in crazy, tragic or spectacular ways over the more than hundred-year history of the Nobel Prize.

Economics 1001 assignment 1 solution

Here are some of them: After being persuaded not to bury the medals as they could be unearthed, de Hevesy decided to dissolve the two carat-gold discs with aqua regia acid mixture, the only solution able to do so.

Stored high up on a shelf in his laboratory, the orange-coloured liquid went unnoticed by the Nazis. After the war was over, de Hevesy—who won the Nobel Prize himself in —turned the gold back into a precipitate in He gave it to the Nobel Foundation so it could be recast into two medals which were presented to the men in A strong supporter of the Nazis, Hamsun was convicted of treason in and spent the rest of his life in mental institutions.

It is not known what became of his medal. Under the Hammer Sometimes, because of acts of charity, inheritance disputes or just because life can take odd turns, the Nobel medals end up for sale at auctions. A bonanza for the US biologist—especially after the buyer, Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, returned the medal to him.

Or so they thought. The medal was a replica—the real one is on display in a museum—and it was quickly recovered. No such luck for the Nobel literature medal awarded to Rabindranath Tagore, whose medal was snatched in and has not been found.

Confiscated Iranian lawyer and human rights champion Shirin Ebadi in accused Tehran of confiscating her assets over unpaid taxes. Iranian authorities denied the claim. Because of the Cold War, it took four years of diplomatic efforts for each medal to be returned to its owner.

Economics 1001 assignment 1 solution

The next day, the medal was back where it belonged.Graphs are very important in Economics course. This assignment will enhance your skill of drawing graphs. MCS's discussion CS - Assignment No. 1 Solution - Fall in the group CS Data Communication.

7 hours ago. Habib ur Rehman joined + MaliC's group. CS Data Communication. 7 hours ago. Management Assignment Solution on Java Programming Original Code The original code has been edited to make it look cleaner, but no changes have been made to the logic of the program.

1. Interdependence: The decision making of the constituent firms of oligopoly is interdependent. This is because when the number of competitors is few, any change in the price, output, product etc.

by the firm will have a direct effect on the rival firms as well, and who will then retaliate by. 1, ways to lose a Nobel Prize. Date. the only solution able to do so. except for the prizes for Peace and Economics, where the names are written on the edge.

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