Classroom rules

She has a great post here for general rules for classroom management, but wait…. I wanted to talk about the importance of having clear classroom rules and expectations.

Classroom rules

Rules and routines keep your class running smoothly so that you have more time for teaching academics.

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Here are some ideas for establishing, using, and reinforcing rules and routines. Rules Rules are just like other instructional activities.

They have to be taught, reviewed, and reinforced if they are to be remembered. As we start the year, the teaching of rules and routines is the first activity we should accomplish. Once this has been done, we can begin to teach and will teach more by the end of the year than if we had simply handed out books and started instruction.

Introduce each rule and discuss the variety of behaviors that the rule might include. Reinforce students who are following the rules. Thank them for their consideration. At the elementary level, reinforcement can be done aloud. Upper grade, middle, and high school students can be thanked quietly and privately.

Rules should be both written and taught to students at the beginning of the year. Guidelines for establishing rules are: Involve the class in making the rules.

Keep the rules short and easy to understand.

Classroom rules

Phrase the rules in a positive way. Remind the class of the rules at times other than when someone has misbehaved.

Make different rules for different kinds of activities. Key children in to when different rules apply. Post the rules and review them periodically. If a rule isn't working, change it.lesson 1: establishing classroom rules, rights, and responsibilities / 2 HUMAN RIGHTS RESOURCE CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA privacy, and safety are respected, as .

I have gotten a few emails lately about my classroom rules and whenever I get a few emails on the same topic – I figure it makes sense to turn it into a post. Setting up clear, visual, and understandable classroom rules is a must in any successful classroom.

Students are learning in classrooms all over the country! In this lesson, learn about rules and behaviors that will help keep your classroom safe, keep students happy, and make sure learning is.

We want to hear from you. Please complete our brief Module Feedback Form. Finally, the rules should serve a purpose in and out of the classroom, to help kids not only be successful students, but successful people.

Connect with us! Follow TeacherVision on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. The first day of the school year brings lots of new information and procedures for students to learn.

For example, each teacher has a set of classroom rules for students to learn and obey. Teachers look for creative ways to teach the rules.

Teaching the rules in fun ways helps students learn and.

Classroom Rules – Whole Brain Teaching