Bowling for columbine issues essay

Michael Moore has got a unique way of using all the techniques that you would see in a documentary to get his story and opinion across to the viewers. Many of his documentaries have been criticized and have caused major controversy within the media because he dares to ask the hard questions and dares to go where no other documentary has gone before. The documentary is heavily producer dominated. All throughout the program you see him manipulating things behind the scenes and he is the dominant narrator.

Bowling for columbine issues essay

A Synopsis Bowling For Columbine: In his film, Moore seeks answers to the question of why there is significantly higher gun violence in the United States as compared to other countries. The second amendment of the United States Constitution gives all citizens the right to bear arms. In the early years of our country, this right was understood to be for single shot rifles used for hunting and self-protection.

Over the years, however, technologies in firearms have grown and there now are weapons capable of rapidly firing numerous rounds of ammunition. These more sophisticated weapons, along with the ease of ownership, make it easier for anyone to obtain guns capable of great destruction Moore, Retailers that nearly everyone patronizes on a regular basis sell these types of firearms and ammunition.

Bullets purchased at a Kmart were used in the Columbine High School shooting that left fourteen students and a teacher dead, and several more severely injured. In his documentary, Moore and two of the injured Columbine students go to Kmart headquarters in Troy, Michigan and ask Kmart to stop selling ammunition for the types of handguns used in the Columbine shooting.

Kmart surpassed their expectations and agreed to phase out the sale of all handgun ammunition Moore, Their willingness to take the high road and do what was morally right without regard to possible loss of revenue was impressive.

As a national retailer struggling to stay in the black, Kmart was probably not in any position to make any cuts to potential revenue, and yet, chose to do so. From repeated bombings in other countries who pose little or no threat to our homeland to forcing welfare mothers to work and leave young children home alone, it is apparent that our society has misplaced and misjudged the importance of values and integrity Moore, Additionally, when programs such as the welfare-to-work program are put into place, all aspects of the program must be considered.

Sending a mother to work for her welfare benefits may aid taxpayers, but it severely hinders the secure moral development of any children left at home alone for lengthy periods of time Moore.

Our nation would do itself a better service of focusing their concern on the development of the children who will one day be our future. Failing to consider the welfare children in these programs is a grave oversight by any state or agency that has implemented them.

A Synopsis and other term papers or research documents.Bowling for Columbine Essay at Columbine High School, Colorado, Two students: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebald stormed the school grounds with two semi-automatic rifles and home made explosives, killing 12 students and a teacher, as well as injuring 21 others.

- Film Analysis of Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore 'Bowling for Columbine', directed by Michael Moore, deals with the problems of gun crime in America.

Bowling for columbine issues essay

The main purpose of this film is to persuade American people to change their ideas about guns and gun laws. Bowling for Columbine, is a documentary by Michael Moore covering the events that transpired at Columbine High School. After viewing Bowling for Columbine, I was shocked.

Moore’s video examines a number of issues involving gun ownership. Bowling for Columbine This Essay Bowling for Columbine and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • April 29, • Essay • 1, Words (6 Pages) • Views4/4(1).

Michael Moore´s Bowling For Columbine Bowling For Columbine is a well-directed documentary that informs people about gun violence in America. Michael Moore is successful in showing that America has been going through many gun tragedies; and portrays the sense that America’s problems .

Oct 17,  · Bowling For Columbine Review | Madeline Clarke A compelling documentary about the controversial issues of gun culture, violence, war and the media’s role in promoting fear within communities, Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine presents a range of modern day issues within American society.

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