An overview of the baby jessicas life by the parents jan and roberta deboer

The case was widely publicized as the "Baby Jessica" case after the name given her by the DeBoers. The case name is In re Clausen Mich. Anna was born in to Cara Clausen, who placed her for adoption with Jan and Roberta DeBoer without telling Schmidt that he was the father. Five days after the birth, Clausen changed her mind, informed Schmidt of his paternity, and told the DeBoers that she wanted to cancel the adoption.

An overview of the baby jessicas life by the parents jan and roberta deboer

Your email address will be altered so spam harvesting bots can't read it easily. Hide my email completely instead? Body Cancel or about 9 years ago Those of you who say that the DeBoers should have just returned Jessia after six days are obviously not parents.

No parent is just going to hand over their child into a situation that may be unsafe or unstable. And I say "their child" because she was their child As for Anna's seeming disregard for the DeBoers I'm thinking her bio parents had just a teensy bit to do with that, given they couldn't even accept a birthday present for her.

SHE wanted to give her daughter up for adoption. Maybe if she didnt lie in the first place, it would have saved the Deboers from having such heartbreak. There is NO excuse for that! The Deboers loved Jessica like their own. They fought for her like any parent would fight for their child.

And I have to question how great of a job Cara even did raising Anna. I find it unsettling that in an interview when Anna was asked if she had a message for the Deboers she said "It's over" It sounds as though shes as heartless as her biological mother and brainwashed as well.

She should know how lucky she is to have had 2 people love her that much and to have fought so hard to keep her. I truly believe that was a cruel thing for her to say.

I know that her biological parents have probably bashed the Deboers to her over and over and that it has taken it's toll but even still.

I know there is bitter feelings there but atleast have some respect.

An overview of the baby jessicas life by the parents jan and roberta deboer

Respect the fact that the Deboers love their daughter and gave her a good home for 2 and a half years! To expect the Deboers to "get over it" will never happen. What parent would EVER get over the loss of a child? And I am sure any parent that has lost a child will say the same.On Aug.

2, , Baby Jessica was transferred under court order from the home of Jan and Roberta DeBoer of Ann Arbor, Mich., to birth parents Dan and Cara . Sep 13,  · Little Jessica was last seen screaming and crying when she was taken from her adoptive parents home. The Deboer's were the only family and home that Jessica had ever known at that time.

An overview of the baby jessicas life by the parents jan and roberta deboer

Just six months later and now back with her birth parents and baby sister Chloe, Jessica seemed very healthy and attheheels.coms: Aug 04,  · returned to her birth parents, Dan and Cara Schmidt.

Anna doesn't remember anything of the tumultuous first two years of her life, when she was called Jessica by Jan and Roberta DeBoer. Two Michigan residents, Roberta and Jan DeBoer, filed a petition in an Iowa District Court for the adoption of the newborn daughter of Cara Clausen, an unmarried Iowa woman, after a juvenile court had terminated Clausen’s parental rights as well as those of the named father.

Jan DeBoer cleans the portrait of the girl he was trying to adopt, Baby Jessica, who was eventually returned to her birth parents after a lengthy court battle. He feared the portrait was damaged in . Jessica became Anna and came home to the state she'd left in the first weeks of her life.

By then, she had a little sister, Chloe, born five weeks before. There .

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