A comparison of the differences between the black style of dress and the white styles

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A comparison of the differences between the black style of dress and the white styles

Every day wear, and formal cultural attire and costumes, come in different styles around the world. Going to school in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore meant I had opportunities to shop for clothes regularly in three different countries.

As a kid, my Chinese-Malaysian mum took me to malls in these cities twice a year during the sales and pointed out clothes she thought looked good on me.

Model and businesswoman Heidi Klum Forces of Nature. That is, light coloured clothes usually outnumber the darker coloured ones. In Asian cultures, bright colours are auspicious. Red and yellow are symbolic of prosperity for the Chinese, the former signifying progress and the latter earth, farming and growth.

During imperial eras, these colours were worn mainly by royalty, those with wealth and power. No surprise my mum hankered me to buy clothes of colour back then.

On the other hand, Australians have a penchant for murky coloured clothes: Certain patterns are lucky patterns — for instance batik designs are believed to bring Indonesian children luck. When we shopped together, my mum waved floral and checkered shirts in my face; tomboy me thought they made me look like a girly girl.

In comparison to Western dressing, Asian fashion falls on the conservative side. Modest dressing is the norm in some Asian countries because of religious standards that have been around for millions of years, or cultural values, which is the case with me.

Historically, high necklines and voluminous floor-length dresses were popular with women in the west up until the world wars. Thereafter, exercise and fitness became popular, leading to more body-fitting attire on the market suited to active lifestyles — sparking fashionable trends in skimpy and tight clothing around us today.

Bright coloured tops, stripy knee length socks and frilly hair accessories makes up a kawaii outfit for the ladies. For the men, bright tops and bottoms does the trick. And some Asian girls reckon the kawaii look attracts the guys. Heidi Klum, spreading the love in dark blue.

A comparison of the differences between the black style of dress and the white styles

More often than not, these childish-looking tops are confined to the kids clothing sections in Australia. How we dress tends to give away a bit about ourselves. As Lani over at Life, Universe and the Lani wrote, when we move countries, the way we dress may change.

Fair enough since more than half of my colourful wardrobe was accumulated whilst living in Malaysia. The clothes on our back are a choice, a personal choice that says something about us. The clothes on our back are a form of self-expression, part of our identity and who we are as a person in a moment of time.

Sometimes our outfits tell the world how we feel. After all, some of us decide what to wear depending on how we feel or pride style over comfort or vice-versa. Catching up with friends, preferably a blue T-shirt and jeans. Going to a fancy dinner, shirt and black-as-night jeans. Some say the average Australian is laid-back and easy-going looking at what they like to wear.

The clothes we wear say something about us. So does the way we act. Samfoo and jeans are a popular pairing in Asia. Australians are encouragingly more open towards wearing the hijab in a multicultural world.

The similarities

Not too sure if that will ever be me. Some time ago I went for a job interview in the corporate world, wearing a fluorescent orange top with ruffles down the chest.

Fringe clipped to the side with a massive red butterfly clip. I got the job. At the end of the day, looks and what we wear only say so much about each of us.I personally rarely wear all black but interestingly enough tonight I was at a nice restaurant where all servers wore all black.

I believe it was their “uniform” although they each wore their own take on it (skirt, dress . For men, a black suit, black dress shoe, black socks, white dress shirt with long sleeve, casual top with a collar, several ties in different colours, a pair of well fitted denim jeans and a pair of khakis.

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Please keep in mind that not every American has the same communicative style. Americans from different part of the U.S., different ethnic groups, and different age groups all have their distinguished communication styles.

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